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Fidget Cube - 12-sided (Deluxe)

Fidget Cube - 12-sided (Deluxe)

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS: Sturdy Plastic, smooth surface, soft silicone rubber buttons, excellent joystick rotation, wider and deeper worry stone, crisp clicking sound, audible and silent actions, beautiful colors - It's the best fidget cube around.


  • EXCLUSIVE PROTECTIVE CARRY CASE: High quality & beautiful box, keeps the cube intact, makes an awesome gift.


  • REDUCE STRESS, ANXIETY, PERFECT FOR ADHD: The PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube desk toy has been designed to help people of all ages relieve stress and anxiety. It helps students focus, it is relaxing for people with ADHD, it helps seniors improve manual dexterity, and it even helps quitting smoking or biting the nails.


  • PERFECT SIZE: theFube Fidget Cube is small and portable so you can take it anywhere with you. No matter where you are, whether at your work, your home or studying at school, take our theFube Fidget Cube with you and stay focused


  • AUDIBLE AND SILENT: Our 12 sides fidget cube has both audible sides and silent sides so you can take to your class or into meetings without interrupting others. A Plastic box is included so it also makes a great gift.
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