Your New Routine to Beat the “Sunday Scaries“

Your New Routine to Beat the “Sunday Scaries“

Do you ever find your weekends disrupted by a feeling of dread washing over you on Sunday afternoon? If so, you’re familiar with the “Sunday Scaries,” and you know that the anxiety over your fast-approaching workweek can ruin a great weekend. Whether you want to help your kids get over their own Sunday Scaries, or you need some tips for a great weekend routine, these resources have you covered!

Find Time to Relax

It’s easy to spend your whole weekend rushing around — but on Sunday, you can take a few moments to slow down instead.
● Starting a meditation practice only takes a few minutes per day, and these tips can help you begin!
● If your kids also tend to feel stressed on Sundays, fidget toys can help.
● In the evening, roll out a yoga mat and try this relaxing sequence to get ready for bed.
● Sticking with a healthy sleep routine is the key to feeling your best on Monday morning.

Stay Healthy

Don’t backslide on your healthy habits over the weekend. Instead, maintain your fitness routines.
● You can enjoy a few indulgences over the weekend while balancing it out with nutritious meals.
● Don’t want to go for a full-on workout over the weekend? Aim to enjoy an active rest day instead.
● If you do want to work out, invest in a great pair of headphones so that you can listen to your favorite playlist while exercising!

Get Organized

Tidying up on Sunday will guarantee stress-free Monday mornings. These tips will help you clean up in no time.
● If the clutter in your car is bothering you, it’s time to clean it up and sort it out.
Get rid of any unnecessary paperwork or items floating around in your purse or briefcase.
● You don’t have to deep clean your entire house on Sunday, but these speed cleaning guidelines will have every room looking tidy before Monday.
If you’re tired of dreading your Sundays, it’s time to reclaim your weekends. With these tips, you'll be able to embrace every moment of your Sundays. Soon, you’ll no longer experience the anxiety that used to set in every Sunday.
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