4 Overlooked Yet Crucial Self-Care Practices to Help you Look and Feel Your Absolute Best

4 Overlooked Yet Crucial Self-Care Practices to Help you Look and Feel Your Absolute Best

It’s impossible to fill from an empty cup. If you want to enhance the lives of others, first you have to fill your own cup. To do so means focusing on self-care.

So, what exactly is self-care?
It extends far beyond just bubble baths, nightly face masks, and a relaxing day at the spa. Self-care means regularly taking part in activities that steer your life in the direction of where you want it to be. It’s a delicate balance of taking the necessary productive steps for your future, while also making time for what lights you up. When you make self-care a priority, you’ll start to look and feel your absolute best. By making a habit of the following overlooked — yet crucial — self-care practices, you may even watch your life transform.

Goal setting

Although less commonly talked about as an act of self-care, setting and achieving goals is a major piece of the puzzle. When you have a direction for your future, it increases your daily motivation and gives you a sense of purpose. To help you progress, it’s a good idea to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based) goals. The idea is to figure out exactly what needs to be accomplished and by when, which will help you know when you’re successful. A goal that’s not written down is just an idea, so make sure to get it all down on paper and not just in your head.

Following your passions

Similar to achieving goals, when you choose to pursue your passions, it adds meaning to your life as you progress. Not only are you spending time doing what you love, which provides a sense of satisfaction, but you’re pursuing specific goals that create determination within you. The only thing that can come from this is personal growth and increased happiness. You become connected with the core of your being and this is a deep level of self-care. For example, is it your dream to leave the corporate world and launch your own company? If so, you can begin putting yourself on the path to success by enrolling in an online MBA program. The courses you’ll take focus on business development, strategy, and leadership, arming you with the skills you need to follow your passion. On the other hand, if you’ve dreamed of becoming the next big name in the art world, you can enroll in art classes in your local studio or with a private tutor. Whether you’re hoping to switch careers or develop a hobby, following your passion is equally important.

Social self-care

Another important aspect of feeling your best is spending time interacting with others, whether you’re meeting new people or catching up with those close to you. Socializing has many benefits, such as decreasing feelings of loneliness, boosting self-esteem and confidence, and reducing the hormones that cause anxiety and stress. Even for the most introverted people, it’s important to set time aside for regular social interaction for this reason. Plus, building and maintaining relationships is one of the most important parts of life — no matter how busy your schedule is!
Reducing anxiety and stress
Even if you haven’t been feeling particularly stressed out or anxious, prevention is always best. Meditation, eating balanced meals, and exercising are great daily practices to help you stay grounded. Another great way to reduce sensory stressors is by using fidget toys from PILPOC.
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No matter how you decide to spend your time, self-care is imperative. Although the previous four tips are often overlooked when it comes to self-care, they’re key factors in looking and feeling your best.
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