Fidget Cubes and Infinity Cubes: Is It Really Helping To Relieve Stress

Fidget Cubes and Infinity Cubes: Is It Really Helping To Relieve Stress

With stress and anxiety being the number one problem for most of the people in the world, it has become important to use some devices to release the stress. Fidget toys are extremely popular devices among the masses for releasing the stress and avoid depression.

What Is Fidgeting?

It is nothing but an act of self-soothing by moving restlessly your hands, feet or body. It gives you a temporary distraction from the activities you are doing. You might feel more alert and stay focused on the activity at hand. It can also be done using a fidget device that occupies your hand and also, other senses.

Difference Between Fidget Cubes and Infinity Cubes

There are two kinds of cubes available. One is Fidget cube (see PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube) and other is infinity cube (see PILPOC theFube Infinity Cube). They both are different in many ways as given in brief below.
Fidget Cube is a small device that can be held in hand and has tools on all sides of the cube. The sensory tools include a small joystick, a worry stone, spinning disk, rolling ball, switch, five buttons and gears. The cube has a couple of features like balls, dents, joysticks, discs, buttons, cogs and switches.
The Infinity Cube is a fidget toy that can be transformed from a square to a rectangle. It can be changed into many forms and shapes and is widely used for relieving stress. In infinity cubes, eight strong aluminum alloy blocks are linked together with metal hinges.

How Fidget Cubes and Infinity Cubes Help Fidgeters Relax?

The fidget cubes are basically used by people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These cubes are said to benefit them in a best possible way to relieve stress. According to some people, the fidget and infinity cubes help them to concentrate more on the task they are doing. These devices also used by some people, who keep thinking of new ideas at work. It allows them to get more creative and perform better.
People with ADHD believe that fidget and infinity cubes occupy their hands and divert their minds from reaching out to other things and also provide sensory stimulation. But for others with ADHD, the device soothes them and provides relaxation.
But these days, fidget and infinity cubes are touted as remedies for stress, anxiety and depression. It is also been widely used by many people as a toy for fun and entertainment. Many parents have discovered that they are beneficial for kids too.

Advantages of Cubes

It was just a Kickstarter campaign for raising funds to make a stress-relieving cube and the internet responded by raising a lot more than they asked for. The cubes are highly beneficial for people of all ages. The cubes are made from vinyl and are available in several colours. The cube offers multiple functions for the fidgeter so there are many things to keep the hands occupied. Some of the many advantages of using the fidget and infinity cubes are:
  • It is designed for people of all ages and is usually addicting with no harm
  • It lets you focus on the task at hand and allow you to perform better at work
  • It lets you relieve stress easily with numerous tools on all sides of the fidget cube
  • The cube is pocket-sized so it can be carried anywhere, to the office or school (if the authorities allow)
  • They are durable and can withstand constant folding and flipping by the user (just make sure to purchase a high quality cube like theFube)

With an ergonomic style, it is one of the best devices to play with and perform a lot of tricks. By using the fidget cubes and infinity cubes, you can avoid several fidgeting habits such as nail-biting, leg shaking, knuckle cracking, etc. It has a smooth surface along with curved edges and hence, they are easy on hands and light on wrists. So, get one now and relieve your stress or gift someone who loves to fidget all day.

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